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This is how it all started…

The Irish Gazette, a prominent publication in Minnesota, serves as a vital link for the Irish-American community throughout the state. Established in 1991, the newspaper has become a cherished source of news, culture, and events for the Irish diaspora in the region. The Gazette covers a broad spectrum of topics, including local and international news, profiles of notable Irish-Americans, historical retrospectives, and updates on cultural events such as St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Gaelic sports, and traditional Irish music sessions. By offering a dedicated platform for Irish voices and stories, the newspaper has helped to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Irish in Minnesota.

In addition to its role as a news outlet, The Irish Gazette fosters community engagement and connection among Minnesota’s Irish-Americans. The publication regularly features contributions from local writers, poets, and artists, providing a creative outlet for the community. It also serves as a resource for those seeking information on Irish genealogy, immigration, and cultural organizations within the state. Through its commitment to quality journalism and community involvement, The Irish Gazette has become an indispensable part of Minnesota’s cultural landscape, celebrating the enduring legacy and vibrant presence of the Irish in the region.

James Brooks

Publisher & Editor