Irish General Elections to be held on Feb.26

President Higgins dissolved the 31st Dail on the advice of Taoiseach Enda Kenny on February 3. The members of the 32 Dail that are elected in this  coming election will meet on Thursday March 10the to select a Taoiseach to head the Government of the 32 Dail. The outgoing government is a Fine Gael-Labor Party […]

12 of the Oldest Pubs In Ireland

We went on a search of the oldest pubs in each County in Ireland and these are the oldest in continuous operation since they were founded. In Ramsey County Minnesota The Spot bar ranks as the oldest licensed pub at 1885  which is pretty good compared to these in Ireland. In County Meath – O’Connell’s […]

Details of the Doolin Writers Competition 2016 Have Been Announced

Entries are now being invited for short stories and poems ahead of the closing date of February 5th 2016. Dave Lordan will judge the poetry competition and Anthony Glavin will judge the Short Story with €1000 and publication in Banshee Literary Journal up for grabs for the overall winner of each category. Meanwhile, Hotel Doolin […]

Book Review of “Hidden Dublin”

Patrick O’Donnell Presented in a popular easy-to-read storytelling style, Hidden Dublin (2008) is the ideal book for amateur and professional Dublinologists and enthusiasts of “hidden” social history. All stripes of amateur and professional fans of the wonderful and strange and multi-shadowed Gothic worlds and underworlds of Dublin, Ireland’s 1,000 year old Irish capital city, will […]

Ex-Bristish Soldier arrested in Bloody Sunday Massacre

The police in Northern Ireland have arrested a 66-year-old ex British soldier in connection with Bloody Sunday that happened on January 30, 1972 in what was then called Londonderry. The infamous massacre of unarmed civilian marchers by British soldiers was a lighting rod in the troubles. The former soldier, whose name was not released, was […]

Keegan’s Irish Pub to Host “Woman’s Christmas” January 3

On Sunday, January 3, 2016, Christmas Celebrations will be over for most of the Twin Cities. However not at Keegan’s Pub, Minneapolis. On that day, Keegan’s will host one last holiday bash exclusively for women to celebrate the Irish tradition of “Women’s Christmas.” The ninth annual Women’s Christmas at Keegan’s will take place from noon […]

St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland

St. Stephen’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland however the celebrations have little connection to Saint Stephen who was the first known Christian martyr, stoned to death shorty after the Crucifixion. St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland is the day for ‘Hunting the Wren” or “Going on the Wren.” Groups of young boys would hunt […]

12 of the Oldest Pubs in Ireland

The Irish Gazette editorial staff did a search for the oldest pubs in each County in Ireland and the following are what we found that have been in continuous operation since they were founded. In Ramsey County Minnesota The Spot Bar on the corner of Victoria and Randolph ranks as the oldest licensed pub dating […]

Christmas Traditions in Ireland

Christmas really brings out the best in Ireland and the Irish from cheerful festivities to wild acts of machismo, happy reunions, musical celebrations, and partying with friends and family. In Ireland Christmas lasts for about two weeks and is gladly celebrated as a respite from the winter. We have listed a few of Ireland’s favorite […]