The First Victim of a Car Bomb in North America was in St. Paul

by Jim Brooks Dapper Dan Hogan, called that because of his snappy dress, was considered the “Irish Godfather” of Saint Paul. Dapper Dan came to Minnesota in 1908 and he quickly connected himself to the local political scene and certain corrupt police officers in Saint Paul. He was once described by the Justice Department as […]

Irish Fair of Minnesota to hold 1/2 Way Party

The Irish Fair of Minnesota will celebrate the halfway point tonext year’s Irish Fair on Saturday, February 28 at O’Gara’s Bar and Grill in St. Paul starting at 5 p.m. The event will feature a performance by the Rince na Chroi dancers, a silent auction, whiskey walk, pub quiz, topped by a live performance by […]

Cadbury Chocolate banned in the United States

The Hersey Chocolate Company has made a successful lawsuit against Cadbury Chocolate of Britain and Ireland and the settlement result is there will be no Cadbury Chocolate imported into the U.S. There will be no importing of KitKat bars, Toffee Crisps, Yorkie chocolate bars and Maltesers. Hershey claims that packaging on these items too closely […]

The Irish Gazette Publisher Took a Medical Break

So if the readers of The Irish Gazette are wondering why you haven’t seen a copy of the famed Irish Gazette publication for a little while it is because our publisher, Jim Brooks, took a medical leave for a valve job and triple bypass followed by several strokes. “I went for an eye exam last […]

The Irish Government will begin to charge for Water

A new system of domestic water charges is being introduced for homes that are connected to a public water supply (or to public wastewater services). The Commission for Energy Regulation, which is the economic regulator for Irish Water, has decided the scheme of water charges. Up to this time households in Ireland have not paid […]

Ireland to Install a Postal-Code System Next Spring

Unlike the rest of Europe and most of the industrialized world, Ireland doesn’t have a postal-code system, which is the equivalent of a ZIP Code in the U.S. Now the government wants to install it’s first postal-code system next spring. Addresses now just have names of the area down to a section of a town. […]

Ian Paisley Dead at Age 88

Ian Paisley, the founder of The Free Presbyterian Church in 1951 in Northern Ireland after a split with the Presbyterian Church has died at the age of 88. Ian Richard Kyle Paisley was born in Armagh, County Armagh, and brought up in the town of Ballmena, County Antrim, where his father James Kyle Paisley was […]